SND convention in January?

With sessions headed by legends Nigel Holmes, John Grimwade and Karl Gude (above), you think that this was an SND convention. Nope, this is the inaugural VizThink workshop happening now in San Francisco. The conference targets corporate professionals who want to enhance their communications skills with visuals. Among the more than 350 attendees were salesmen, pr people, students and commercial artists and designers, but surprisingly no newspaper folks. This is a shame, because you are missing out on not only Nigel, John, Karl but other visual heavyweights such as Scott McCloud, Dave Gray and Bryan Christie.

I was lucky to assist Karl Gude's pre-conference class on visual thinking. Again, although there were no news people, the attendees were enamored with what our industry's long history with information graphics. These folks are hungry to understand what we do, because they are struggling with communicating with visuals. We had sales reps who wanted to know how to enhance their presentations. We had programmers who wanted to improve their online charts and diagrams. Their needs were endless, and they've all look up to information graphics news folks such as you and I for inspiration! Wow! What a delightful revelation. Makes me take my job for granted less.


Blogger Robb Montgomery said...

Pai, Nobody could ever take you and your mad skills for granted.

Thanks for the 411 - we are glad to there is a larger bowl of visual thinkers out there.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 6:33:00 PM  

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