A whole new slate of Quick Courses are on tap for 2008 at more than a dozen locations across the United States, including many where SND has never held an event before. At least one of these should be convenient for you.

Check out the full calendar plus an interactive map of locations after the jump ...

Jan. 18-19: Audio & Video Editing
, Cerritos College, Cerritos, California
Jan. 18-19: Story Forms Boot Camp, The Poynter Institute, St. Petersburg, Florida
Feb 1-2: Beginner & Intermediate Flash, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
March 1-2: Story Forms Boot Camp, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario
March 14-15: Beginner Flash, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
March 15-16: Adobe Survival Courses I & II, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 29-30: Story Forms Boot Camp, Freedom Forum Diversity Institute, John Seigenthaler Center, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
April 11-12: Team Graphics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
April 12-13: 3D Graphics, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California
May 16-17: Adobe Survival Courses I & II, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana
May 31: Small Papers Summit, Republican-American, Waterbury, Connecticut
June 7-8: Adobe Survival Course II, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Kentucky
June 20-21: Audio & Video Editing, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Missouri
July 12-13: Story Forms Boot Camp, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois
October: 3D Graphics, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
Oct. 25: Infographics Summit, The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas
Nov. 14-15: 3D Graphics, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana

Check out this interactive map of all the sites.

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The lineup features seven kinds of Quick Courses for 2008. Six of these courses are two-day, hands-on computer lab training.

Adobe Survival Course I
Trainers: John Telford, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and
Stephanie Grace Lim, Ebay's PayPal division
Software: Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3
Widen your skill set and make yourself more valuable to the newsroom on a day-to-day basis. Make simple maps and charts and learn the basic drawing tools to give them the touch of a professional graphic artist. Learn quick cutout techniques, layers and layer effects to create simple photo illustrations.

Adobe Survival Course II
Trainers: Martin Gee, San Jose Mercury News, and Layne Smith, The Dallas Morning News
Software: Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3
Take your skill set to the next level. Learn quick, smart ways to illustrate even the most challenging stories with little or no money and limited drawing skills. Use filters, digital darkroom techniques, effects and under-the-hood tricks for creating polished images with little time. Use typography to create illustrations and write headlines to turn average photo and headline structures into more than the sum of their parts. Learn proven brainstorming methods to find visual solutions to all stories.

3D Graphics
Trainers: Len DeGroot, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and Steve Wilson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Software: Lightwave 3D
Learn how to turn shapes built in Freehand or Illustrator into 3D objects. You'll learn how to mold and shape in 3D space. And the mystery of the 3D interface will be explained. And there are lots of goodies to take home. You will get professional lighting rigs so your renders pop. You’ll get preset textures that you can use over and over again. And you'll get additional tutorials so that your learning doesn't stop when the class does.

Video & Audio Editing
Trainers: Doug Engle, ocala.com, and Regina McCombs, startribune.com
Software we'll be teaching: Final Cut Pro, Audacity
Get the skills you need to edit and prepare audio and video for use in your newsroom's interactive projects.

Story Forms Boot Camp
Trainers: Josh Awtry, The Salt Lake Tribune, Stephen Komives, Orlando Sentinel, and Denise M. Reagan, The Florida Times-Union
Software we'll be using: Adobe InDesign CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3
More publications are using alternative story forms, but everyone is still struggling to get it right. Learn what kinds of stories lend themselves to what forms and how to visualize them. Learn how to write, edit and design these forms. Learn how Interactivity and social networking functionality can be applied to news gathering. Bring your own story ideas and execute them as ASFs in the classroom.

Beginner Flash
Trainer: Don Wittekind, University of North Carolina
Software: Macromedia Flash
Learn the basics of multimedia storytelling, including how to pick a project, set up your team and develop an effective workflow. You'll get an introduction to Macromedia Flash, the standard for multimedia storytelling.

Intermediate Flash
Trainer: Scott Horner, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Software: Macromedia Flash
If you are already animating graphics or slide shows in Flash but want to take your projects to the next level, this will give you what you need to add the power of interactivity to your presentations. You'll learn how variables, conditionals and dynamic text field manipulation can add a whole new dimension to your work. And if those phrases sound like just a bunch of geek talk to you, we'll help you make sense of the jargon with real-world examples and exercises on each topic.

Team Graphics
Trainers: Alberto Cairo, University of North Carolina, Jeff Goertzen, The Denver Post, and Karl Gude, Michigan State University
Want a real challenge? Attend this graphics workshop and learn the hard-core facts of what it takes to conceptualize, research and design cutting-edge informational graphics for both print and web. And it's not a workshop just for artists. We want reporters and designers from the newsroom to attend as well. Our hands-on workshop is a perfect opportunity for reporters, designers and artists to learn from each other in the concept and fact-gathering and design process. It's a team effort.

We're featuring two one-day Quick Courses that will feature presentations by some of the biggest names in the industry:
Small Papers Summit: Tangible ideas for people who work with small staffs.
Infographics Summit: Graphics for graphic artists and designers who need to get more comfortable with data.

Stay tuned for more speaker announcements and bios.

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