JB's first day in the Windy City

Jonathon Berlin goes all Jeffy-from-Family-Circus with his "I Didn't Do It" stance next to some spilled fruit dip in the Presidential Suite at SND Boston. (MattE Photo)

The Region 4 Blog was stumbling around downtown Chicago on Monday and wandered into the illustrious Tribune Tower on North Michigan Avenue.

And whaddayaknow -- it was Jonathon Berlin's first day at the Chicago Tribune as the paper's new Design Director. Jonathon recently left the San Jose Mercury News to return to the Midwest, where he went to school (University of Illinois) and where he has plenty of family.

The Region 4 Blog couldn't help but go all multimedia and talked to JB as well as some of his new colleagues at the Trib.

You can read all about it and check out the 3-minute video over at the Region 4 Blog.

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