Canadian Newspaper Wins Top Design and Layout Award

Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada Inc. presented Hank Van de Vondervoort, Automotive Editor of the Globe & Mail's Auto section with the 2007 Mitsubishi Design and Layout Award at the 24th Annual Automotive Journalism Awards.

The award was inaugurated in 2003 to recognize the talents of reporters and their teams to apply creative design and layout techniques to enhance the visual appeal of their work and capture the reader's attention.

Each print publication was judged on skill and creativity and the thought that went in to gathering the design elements, including illustration and photography. The judges, through the evaluation process, maintained an effort to equalize entries based on the various printing techniques of both newspaper and magazines.

"The Globe Auto section is a perfect example of how good typography, well layered information and nicely cropped photography can entice the reader by not only giving a good impression, but by making the information accessible," said Vancouver based Matt Warburton. They have fun with the layouts and typography on the front page, while the rest of the section is consistently structured and laid out."

A second place award was given to the Winnipeg Free Press for its Automotive Showcase section produced by Kelly Taylor. Suzanne Dimma, Design Director for Wish magazine praises the newspaper for its playful use of almost full-page caricatures of automotive personalities like Stirling Moss and adventuresome approach with a great mix of stories, features and reporting.

Judges for the award included Suzanne Dimma, Design Director of Wish magazine, Canadian Family magazine, Gardening Life magazine and host of HGTV's newest production, The Style Dept.; Sylvie Berkowicz, Chief Editor for Creativite Montreal; and Matt Warburton, award winning designer (nominated in 2003 as a GDC Fellow, an honour which is awarded to a designer or individual who by influence or accomplishment has made a major contribution to graphic design in Canada) and founder of Emdoubleyu Design in Vancouver.

Gordon Preece
Director, Region 9, Western Canada


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