Wrapping up the World Series

In a World Series that seemed to be a don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it proposition, the Boston Red Sox made quick work of the Colorado Rockies with a four-game sweep. It was Boston's second World Series crown in four years after going 86 years without one.

The Blog sends wicked awesome respect to the Sox for its come-from-behind win to beat Cleveland in the ALCS followed by its sweep in the Series. And the Blog also sends wicked awesome respect to the four majors in the two host cities.

Sorry we missed ya for Games 3 and 4 immediately following, but we'll wrap that up for ya right now. And you can see plenty more World Series coverage from our good friends over at SportsDesigner.com, so be sure to check it out.

Let's wrap this up with the front pages from Game 3, a game that saw the Red Sox get out to a 6-0 lead before a Rockies rally put them within a run. But back came the Sox again with a strong finish and a 10-5 win.

The Denver Post continued with their poster fronts -- and might we say, the best headlines of the Series. And the Globe stayed consistent with their A1 format -- strong lead photo, clean and simple typography and the bottom half of the page devoted to non-Sox news.

We only get one tab with Saturday's Game 3 coverage -- the Rocky Mountain News doesn't publish a Saturday edition as part of its JOA agreement with the Denver Post.

But we do have a great Boston Herald headline, "Nice-K," playing on Sox pitcher Daisuke ("Dice-K") Matsuzaka, who doesn't get many opportunities to swing the lumber as an American League pitcher. He was 0-for-4 in his career until a two-run base knock in Game 3, which the Herald showed on its front page, left.

And now, on to Game 4.

Game 4 in Denver was more of the same -- a dominant performance by the Sox's starting pitching. Down 4-1 in the eighth, the Rockies made it interesting with a 2-run Garrett Atkins homer to make it 4-3. But that hope was short lived once Boston relief ace Jonathon Papelbon entered the game. He shut the Rox down the last 1 2/3 -- and kept his ERA at 0.00 for the postseason. Pretty amazing stuff.

The broadsheets were grand on Monday. The Denver Post's strong poster-page photo play continued -- tight and dramatic crops. And they had another stellar headline.

The Globe finally broke free just a little bit by taking nearly the entire front page for the Sox's sweep, and a headline with an appropriate exclamation point. "We talked on Friday about going down to a one-story front on page one, which is almost unheard of for us," Globe design director Dan Zedek said. "We also moved the ear copy downpage and shrunk the logo a little bit, which we've never done, to give the hed and photo maximum pop." That front page was designed by Zedek and Kristin Lenz, SND's Region 3 director.

The Globe's competition, the Boston Herald, went with one of the full-wrap poster fronts that have become all the rage the last few years. A fantastic jubilation photo met with a nice headline of "How sweep it is!" for an edition that was assuredly picked up by thousands and thousands of extra fans to keep for generations to come.

And back in Denver, the Rocky continued with its Collectors' Edition covers, which all Series long played to their strength of brilliant photojournalism. In the sports design world, there's "jube" photos, like the ones we see out of Boston. And then, when your home team loses, you have to go with the "anti-jube" art.

Hats off from The Blog to all four papers for wonderful coverage throughout the World Series. And again, please pop in and say hello to our friends at SportsDesigner.com for some fantastic sports fronts and inside pages from all four papers.

And to our friends in Denver, remember the Cubs' motto: "There's always next year."

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