World Series, Game 2:
Red Sox get picky

As much as Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday was about the offensive onslaught by the Red Sox, Game 2 on Thursday night was about the pitching for both teams.

The biggest play of the night came a bit unexpectedly in the seventh. With the Rockies' Matt Holliday on first for the fourth time in the game, Red Sox reliever Jonathon Papelbon got a sign from the dugout that Holliday might be leaning a bit too far. He fired to first, caught Holliday leaning and picked him off.

Ironically, after the commercial break, he also got caught picking his nose just a tad in the dugout. But when you've made the play of the game and have a reputation as a great dancer, you can be forgiven.

The pre-Series wager between the Boston Globe's Dan Zedek and The Denver Post's J. Damon Cain got a step closer to reality for Zedek -- two more wins and he gets a case of beer from Breckenridge Brewery.

And Zedek wasn't shy in reminding Cain about it: "Memo to our friends in Denver: What with the slow speed of ground shipping, you might want to mail us the beer today so we don't have to wait too long after the Series ends to enjoy it." Now that's confidence, friends.

But now the Series moves to Denver for three games. And I'm sure that has Cain breathing a little easier -- the Rox are 40-14 their last 54 home games and 16-7 their last 23 Saturday games. (Yes, The Blog follows those wacky betting-type numbers).

But let's take a look at how the four majors in Boston and Denver treated Game 2.

The broadsheets once again offered varying styles. Cain reports that the poster front at the Post will continue.

"We'll continue with our poster front throughout the run of the World Series (We're guessing six games now, not five)," Cain said. "Unfortunately, the boys have yet to cut loose at the plate so the photos we're getting are reactions to yet another strikeout."

At the Globe, Zedek's A1 went with a photo of what may have been a defining moment for the Sox this season. "Page one has a classic, simple structure framing Jim Davis' great photo of an emotional Curt Schilling tipping his hat to the Fenway faithful for possibly the last time in his career."
The tabs went poster again, above, as expected.

More great photography from the Rocky Mountain News, above left, which should surprise none of us from one of the greatest photojournalism newspapers in the world. The image of a dejected Matt Holliday moments after being picked off with the score clear in the background is beautiful -- if you're a Red Sox fan.

The Boston Herald wound up with the same image as the Globe had on its front page -- but for Boston fans, this was as much the story as going up 2-0 -- Schilling tipping his hat to the fans after leaving the game with a 2-1 lead, with the fans wondering if that was the last time they'll see him in a Sox uniform.

Congrats to all four papers on the great work, and we'll be staying tuned to see what happens now that the Series moves to Denver for Saturday night's Game 3!

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