World Series, Game 1:
Red Sox in a Rout

In the first game of the World Series on Wednesday night, the Red Sox came out swinging. And how. Seventeen hits and 13 runs later, Boston had a 1-0 lead in the Fall Classic.

And remember that little wager between the Boston Globe's Dan Zedek and The Denver Post's J. Damon Cain? Well, let's just say Damon might have swallowed extra hard as his Rox went down 0-1. But he remained steadfast in his confidence.

"We're not worried about having been blown out in Game 1," Cain said. "In fact, we have inside information that this was (Rockies) manager Clint Hurdle's grand design all along -- to lure Red Sox Nation into a false sense of security. Really. That's our story and we're stickin' with it."

As Game 2 gets underway Thursday night -- with an early 1-0 Colorado lead at the time of this posting -- let's take a look at the front pages from Game 1.

The broadsheets, above, took two different approaches.

The Denver Post
, above left, went with a poster front page with a World Series banner in Rockies purple. Cain says the headline "Totally Sox" was tossed around, a play on "totally sucks," of course, but most "didn't think that would pass the family values test." That's Matt Swaney and Cain on the page design, by the way.

The Boston Globe was much more traditional and very Globe-like in its typography and photo play. Game 1 took up the top half of the paper's front page with a 5-column photo of pitching hero Josh Beckett heading to the dugout after his work was done.

The tabs were, not surprisingly, 100 percent World Series coverage.

The Rocky Mountain News, above left, had a great and telling photo showing a typical Rockies moment in Game 1 -- trying to figure out how to stop Boston's offensive blitz. This was the paper's Collector's Edition cover -- the Rocky did a separate World Series cover, plus their standard A1 inside the Series wrap. (The one you saw on Newseum this morning instead of their Series coverage).

The Boston Herald, above right, wins the prize for largest headline and the first exclamation point of the Series, plus a fun little touch of Red Sox red for the subhead reverse-out.

It'll be fun to see what these four papers bring on Friday for Game 2.

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