Well really, I like metal-head music ...

Earlier this afternoon I was really feeling a nap, but I fought the temptation and made my way to Jenn Crandall and Kelli Sullivan's session "storytelling in print and multimedia." The moral of this session: If you have an idea, GET OUT OF YOUR CHAIR AND DO IT.
Kelli talked about elements behind creating a successful package and multimedia piece. Her award-winning work for "Altered Oceans" sums up her presentation. (http://www.latimes.com/news/local/oceans/la-oceans-flash-day1,0,7544983.flash)

Jenn's project, onBeing, profiles people and their ideas, passions and histories. You need to watch it. It's an amazing eye-open to the beauty of simple storytelling. Plus, the little kid in it is hilarious. (http://specials.washingtonpost.com/onbeing/)

Sara Mahoney
Ball State Daily News



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