Three questions with Sam Berlow (Mr. Font Bureau)

Sat down at the student session this morning with Sam Berlow. I had questions; he had answers:

Q. So are you stuck critiquing signage everywhere you go?
A. You know, unfortunately, the first thing I look at is the space between the letters. If I see a problem, I can't read the word. I just can't look at it.

Q. Best type you've seen at the conference so far?
A. Well I just got here, but I'm looking for help. Send me your pictures of best and worst typography -- with comments! -- and I'll post the best. If somebody can find a really bad kerning example in the lobby of the Park Plaza, they'll get a bonus.

E-mail your photos to Sam at sberlow at fontbureau.com.

Q. You have one shot at fame. Pitch me a television pilot:
A. I think they could make a TV show called 'The Hostile Typographer.' The typographer would be at different locations, like a restaurant for example. He wants to order the filet mignon, but the kerning on the menu is so bad that he ordered the fish instead. The trout. You can't really mess up the kerning on the word 'trout.'

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