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Three lucky students will be enjoying a tuition-free six weeks next summer at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla.! Sara Quinn asked participants in the student session for their take on a, uhm, late-breaking news story. Full details of the story below:

Angry Colonists Dump British Tea

Late Wednesday night, a group of men calling themselves the "Sons of Liberty" went to the Boston Harbor to carry out what local authorities are calling an act of terrorism.

More than 50 men boarded three British ships anchored near Griffin's Wharf — the Beaver, the Eleanor and the Dartmouth — and dumped forty-five tons of tea into the Boston Harbor from 342 chests taken from the holds. That's 92,586 pounds of tea.

The event was reportedly staged to protest a special tea tax England has imposed upon American colonists. The three ships had been sitting, unloaded, in the harbor. Colonists had refused to unload the ships. The British governor of Boston had said that the ships would stay in the harbor until the colonists agreed to pay the tax on the tea.

"Why should I care about the fortunes of the East India Company? Why shouldn't we be allowed to buy whatever tea we want, without paying extra tax?" said Jeff Saffan, a Boston innkeeper. Saffan denied taking part in the protest.

Boston police have released a list of "people of interest," including Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Paul Revere.
The office of Homeland Security is contacting other local seaports to safeguard against other possible attacks.

"They were dressed as Mohawk native Americans for some reason," said eyewitness Jeff Saffan, a Boston innkeeper.

They had 20 minutes to turn their big ideas into sketches that could be pitched to an editor. 4Quinn said she was looking for a unique and creative take on the centuries-old story. Judging of the entrees will take place later this afternoon, with the winners to be announced tomorrow!


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