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University of Michigan's (GO BLUE!) Bridget O'Donnell won The Intern competition... we reported that already. But we failed to link to the great blog she had chronicling her journey through the competition, giving us insight into the highs and lows in a slick web site. The highlight of Saturday -- aside from winning -- seemed to be the Twitter-fest that erupted during the awards dinner:

One of the highlights of the dinner (pre-Intern announcement) was the giant Twitter screen, which I hear was set up just 20 minutes before. Twitter updates were sent to the two screens on stage. The best part was that they were live. When everyone realized this, a flood of Tweets were sent at the same time. I posted a few, but some (such as this and this) were not of my own doing. (Ahem, Travis).

My favorite tweet had to be this one from snd_boston:

"this is the technological equivalent of the kid's table"

Unfortunately, this only took my mind away from the announcement temporarily. When the five finalists (Amy Duncan, Adrienne Dye, Rebecca Rolfe, Stephanie Yiu and myself) were finally called up to the stage, I was wondering where the time had gone.

And then Kristin announced my name first. It took me a few seconds to realize that I had won. It was a difficult decision to make, but I chose the New York Times.

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Blogger William Couch said...

Bridget rocked it - and so, too, did that Twitter display. Tyson's like Degree for Men - "Kicks in a clutch!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 1:47:00 AM  

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