SNDBoston Roundup: Day one

As you may have noticed, I'm not actually at the conference. Consider me your "eye in the sky" reporter, here to give you an overview of each day's happenings from the other coast. So, here we go....


Today kicked off with three different Quick Courses: Ad Design, New Media, and Infographics. The Blog had live coverage from within the depths of the intermediate ActionScripting class...

"Well, there was definitely a joining of characters at the New Media session today. For many of us, just the chance to dip into Flash a little deeper was more about understanding what's possible instead of attempting to master coding tricks (although there was a solid base of tricks to be learned)."


Robert Davis of The Florida Times-Union, Jenn Jackson, and Patrick Garvin, also of the Times-Union. Photo: Denise Reagan's Flickr stream.

No idea where to start? Charles Apple posted a guide a great guide over at his VizEds blog if you're looking for some good suggestions. Included: Beacon Hill, Boston Common, Faneuil Hall, and more.


SND President Scott Goldman welcomes guests to the student session. Photo: Steve Dorsey's Flickr stream.

The student session began today, with a morning discussion with Kenny Irby of the Poynter Institute and Suzette Moyer of the St. Petersburg Times.

Some tips from Kenny and Suzette on taking newsroom visuals to the next level:
"-Develop a visual language and philosophy when building a design team.
-A good visual team is like a good relationship.
-Say it. Show your feelings.
-Mix it up, take some chances. But, have a reason.
-Be honest with each other.
-Know when to step aside.
-Communication can only lead to better visuals.
-Absorb, learn, and have a blast. "


Heading to Felt on the school bus. Photo: Michael Stoll's Flickr stream.

Inside the club. Photo: Mark Friesen's Flickr stream.

...the opening party at Felt! The ride to the bar? A bus. A school bus. More photos all the time, so keep checking the Flickr group.

As always:
For more photos, check out the SND Boston Flickr group.
Track attendees over at the Twitter camp.
More coverage at Visualeditors.com.

Goodnight, enjoy the sessions tomorrow!

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