SNDBoston Roundup: Day 2

The first "official" day of the workshop kicked off yesterday morning bright and early. Here's a super-quick recap of the day:

DON'T-MISS-IT SESSION: It seems safe to say: Chip Kidd. Matt Erickson writes: "But if you overslept and missed Chip Kidd's opening session in the Imperial Ballroom, well, that's seriously something to kick yourself over."

Photo: Kenney Marlett's Flickr stream.

Look for a video of the session to be posted on SNDBoston.com, but to tide you over in the meantime, Bill Couch has posted a click-through of Chip's presentation.

Tom Bodkin and Khoi Vinh of The New York Times. Photo: Bill Couch's Flickr stream.

Equally as packed and interesting (among others) was Tom Bodkin and Khoi Vinh's session on print vs. online. Scroll down for a full report, including: "By the end of the session though, it was clear that developing narratives and initiating conversations are key in the transition from print to online, as they're both universal, unwavering elements of design."

CONFERENCE STATS: 756 attendees have made their way to Boston for the conference. You can browse the entire list right here.

Photo: Kenney Marlett's Flickr stream.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Poynter summer fellows and Intern finalists were announced at lunch, and Bonita Burton of The Orlando Sentinel was elected secretary/treasurer for the coming year.

A team of interns presents their project. Photo: Bill Couch's Flickr stream.

MOVIE SCREENING: A 6 p.m. screening of 'Helvetica' in the ballroom rounded out the day, of sessions, and Twitter tells us many were in attendance.

Looking ahead to Saturday: Reinventing page one, designing in Eastern Europe, covering the war in Iraq, portfolio critiques and more. Stay tuned for more live blogging throughout the last day of the conference.

Remember, you can download PDFs of all sessions on SNDBoston.com.


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