SNDBoston countdown: 7 days

Are you ready for some art?
The silent auction to benefit the SND Foundation kicks off during SNDBoston (which starts just a week from today!). There's a bunch of wonderful work you'll want to take home -- like, for instance, the great illustration by Dan Zakroczemski that leads this posting.

The illustrators who have contributed so far reads like a fantasy roster: Milton Glaser, Barry Blitt, Joe Zeff, Gary Baseman, Martin Gee, Andrea Levy, Jeff Neumann, Michael Hogue, Chris Morris, Todd Julie, Santiago Cohen, Kim Rosen, Phil Huling, Tomasz Walenta, Guillermo Munro, Serge Block, Stephen Ledwidge, Katherine Streeter, Alex Nabaum, Edel Rodriguez, and The Heads of State ... with more artists still sending in work for bidding at the annual Foundation event (proceeds benefit student programs).

We'll be rolling out work from the artists in this talented group in the days ahead of workshop week. And we would be remiss if we did not thank each and every one of them for their generosity, both of talent and time in making their amazing efforts available. It's a stunning collection.

There's also a good deal on other stuff, including coveted Boston Red Sox tickets, typography, software, sweet weekend travel deals, and a mega-package that will help you get a real sense of what SNDVegas '08 will be like.

We'll leave those details for another post, but we will leave you with one piece of advice: Bring your credit card, checkbook or, hey, even good old cash. You won't want to miss any of this stuff!

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