Remember that bet? It's time to pay up!

Before the World Series started last week, a wager was made between the Boston Globe's Dan Zedek, fresh off site chairing the SNDBoston workshop, and the Denver Post's J. Damon Cain.

On the line? A case of beer from the losing city to the winning city.

And unfortunately for Cain, this one wasn't even close. A four-game sweep by the Red Sox meant Cain would be sending Zedek a case of Breckenridge Brewery's finest (which I'm sure many of you will wind up sampling a few dozen times at SNDDenver in 2010).

But not so fast ...

In a remarkable turn of events, after the sweep, Zedek turned the tables. Even though his Red Sox won, and won going away, Zedek made sure the folks in Denver wouldn't walk away empty handed.

"Hats off to the crew at the Denver Post," Zedek said. "It's been good fun seeing their great work during the Series. And since we know it's thirsty work, we're shipping you a case of Harpoon Ale this afternoon. Cheers!"

We didn't see that coming -- but it was a first-class move from Zedek and the Globe, which doesn't surprise us, especially after a first-class workshop earlier this month.

The love fest continued from Cain: "Very nice gesture, indeed," Cain said. "Thanks, Dan. Have been enjoying your work from afar. Beyond your section fronts, which remained true to the Globe mission throughout, your inside pages were absolutely top drawer. And as we all know, if those inside pages don't live up to the promise of your covers, you ain't doing right by your readers. You folks were fabulous."

The Blog couldn't say it any better than that. Congrats to both gentlemen and their staffs -- and enjoy that beer. You've earned it!

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