SESSION RECAP: Reinventing Page One

I wish there had been a little more 'Here is what we did--it didn't work, so now we're doing this,' instead of just 'Here is what we are doing,' but the session was a chance to see some work from outside the States, and there's definitely a lesson to take from that.

We should all be jealous of the Danes. From what Søren Nyeland showed, there are a lot fewer stories to cram on the front page of papers in Scandinavia. They tend present one package story along with another story without much design to it (and that's a good thing—less to take away from the main package) and a couple of modest teasers. Much cleaner and more sophisticated than a lot of what we're seeing from US papers. An image search on Google will show a few examples of their work.

A point of interest from Gayle Grin in at the National Post in Toronto was that they are not using AP photos anymore. That was a problem after the VA Tech shooting because AP was the only wire covering it, but I think it worked out for them to be honest. Their type-based page was a lot more impactful than a lot of the rest of that day's pages.

Jeff Hindenach offered up these points to keep in mind for front page packages:

- Know your audience
- Connect with the reader
- Talk to readers
- Size doesn't always matter
- And most importantly, have fun

I wish all of these guys had pages on News Page Designer so you could see some of the examples. There were some nice ideas to take back to your own front pages, especially from Politiken.

--Will Wooten, University of Miami

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