"Print is 100 years ahead of the web."

"Print is 100 years ahead of the web."

...Say what???

When David Berlow of The Font Bureau, Inc. said this at the Typography Roundtable, I thought I had heard wrong. Print...AHEAD of the web?
In the world of typography, this makes perfect sense - for both readers and designers.
If you're reading a story in print, you can control text size almost instantly. If the font size is too small on a printed page, hold the paper closer to your face... ta-da! the text is larger. It's not so simple on computer screens, however. You have to find the preference on your computer and then choose from limited options. Not as easy as bending your elbows, is it?

For designers, the problems are a little more frustrating. Once text is put online, there's no way to control tracking, kerning or weight.

There are always challenges with new technology but this is proving to be more than just a hiccup for the typography community. As weird as it sounds, this is definitely an area where the web will have to catch up to print.

Ashley Zammitt
UNC-Chapel Hill
SND Chapter President

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