Pizza + portfolio critiques = Happy student session

Significant turnout for the student session this year, with a head count of more than 100. Amazingly, almost all were at an SND conference for the first time. Sign of the times: SND's future is looking bright.

Kenny Irby of the Poynter Institute and Suzette Moyer of the St. Petersburg Times led a morning discussion on working with the entire newsroom into design. Particularly awesome was the integration of photo and video in the multimedia portion, viewable here. Engaging stuff for students and non-students alike. This multimedia business just might be catching on.

Afternoon critiques and pizza -- very, very expensive pizza, Bill Gaspard informs me -- followed the presentation. As you might expect, it was like college all over again.

Alert: Poynter's Sara Quinn has spent the day plotting this year's entry competition for the 2008 Summer Fellowships. She's got something big in store this year -- be ready, you've been warned.

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