This past weekend in Toronto, Eastern and Western Canadian news photographers united as one. For many years both groups operated separatly with their own competitons and conferences. Now, a single new national organization will create a nation-wide community of photographers that will support Canadian photojournalist's ideals, voice concerns to the industry as a whole and create a culture that will promote, educate, defend and give credibility to our principles.

The new organization offers many improved advantages to members:

News photographers from across Canada now under one roof
NPAC's "National Pictures Of The Year " contest
Revamped forums with French and English with greater control over postings
Members galleries both public and private supporting both still and multimedia
Student news, information, contests and access to mentors
News and stories can be quickly and easily post and updated to the front page

Please visit their new website, www.npac.ca

Gordon Preece
Director Region 9, Western Canada

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