Multimedia, the next frontier

Multimedia seems to be quite the popular word lately and everyone seems to have a different opinion on what its definition should be. Brian Storm, president of MediaStorm, cleared that up for me this afternoon.
Here are the top five things that I got out of Storm’s session, Multimedia, the next frontier:
1. Storm stressed the important of getting the subject’s voice out there. While only one photo may make it to print, a multimedia story offers several opportunities for the story to have more depth.

2. A common misconception is that multimedia stories should be short, 2-minute clips similar to what we see on YouTube, but MediaStorm stories have no time limit. One of them is around 23 minutes long. Since MediaStorm won an award for online broadband, they must be doing something right.

3. Still photos can be just as powerful as a movie. Sync them with some audio clips or music and motion graphics and the presentation gets that much more powerful.

4. You don’t need to be some Flash God to produce a solid and impacting story. Sure, knowing your fair share of Flash helps, but don’t be intimidated. Storm thinks that you really just need basic journalistic principles: ethics and good narrative story telling.

5. So you have to go to MediaStorm’s Web site and watch Laith Bahranl’s animated music video. Maybe it’s just my love for Radiohead or the fact that the video has over a million keyframes, but either way it’s sweet.

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