Live from the New Media session

Your word of the day: Concatenation.

It's a favorite of our man R. Scott Horman, leading the New Media course today. The wikipedias define concatenation as "a standard operation in computer programming languages (a subset of formal language theory). It is the operation of joining two character strings end to end. For example, the strings 'foo' and 'bar' may be concatenated to give 'foobar'." Seriously, that's the definition!

Well, there was definitely a joining of characters at the New Media session today. For many of us, just the chance to dip into Flash a little deeper was more about understanding what's possible instead of attempting to master coding tricks (although there was a solid base of tricks to be learned).

The headline: Dive in. Figure out a way to break off time to spend with Flash, either for yourself or your staff. The classroom environment was fantastic; opening up Flash all by yourself could get overwhelming quick.

Word is our lessons will be posted somewhere on SND in the near future. Scott left his notes in the coding, if you want to begin to understand what some of it does.

Also, talk turned to how much time a project involving coding should take. Simple:
1/2 your time should be planning, storyboarding, gathering information, etc.
1/2 your time should be actual Flash production - scripting and programing
1/2 your time will be spent debugging your code, especially as you just get started

Huh? That's more time than is available.

"These projects will always take you more time than you thought they would."




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