THE INTERN: Midnight Oil

With only eight hours of work under their belts, the intern are firing through the projects like this were going to be in tomorrow's paper. Um? Since the Red Sox aren't playing ...

Team A and Team 1 (yes, we are creative) took about 45 minutes this morning getting their ducks in a row before heading to the machines. Sketch books were wide open, notes were feverishly being taken, ideas were flying around like they were never going to end. Once at the computer, the took to their task faster the The Blog has seen anything done in the newspaper industry, ever.

And keeping with the tradition of only the finest dining for our guests, we walked two blocks to the Shaw's grocery store for dinner. But hey, no one is complaining. There's work to be done, serious work.

In the sweltering dungeon the interns are working in, there is only the sound of furious keystrokes, a few questions about color, usability and the hum of two fans, trying desperately to cool down the room. If they make it out alive, five of them will have and incredible opportunity ahead of them.

The interns tell The Blog that they will be back at the hotel, crawling to bed, no later than midnight.

Really? The Blog will believe it when we see it. But The Blog will not complain if the interns stick to this deadline.



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