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After two days of working hard on their projects at The Globe, the Interns were guessing all the while about what den-mother Kristin Lenz had planned for them Wednesday.

Are we going to have to redo something? Breaking news? A trip to Fenway, maybe? Those silly Duckboat tours? Wait, we're by the harbor, is she going to throw us in?

After a few T changes, a walk around a few hundred parked cars, the Interns ended up at the Institute of Contemporary Art for a guided tour, a look at the Design Life Now: National Design Triennial and some much needed relaxed inspiration.

The only downside: not enough time to explore**. They had to get back to the hotel to prepare for the interview portion of the game.

With nerves flying and last-minute questions about portfolios, the interns are making it through the process calm and collected.

What are they going to be up to tonight? The Blog thinks they are going to breath and hopefully unwind a bit.

** for interns and everyone else, the ICA is open until 9 pm on Friday and Saturday. go check it out before a late dinner.



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