THE INTERN: Crappy weather, brainstorming ahead

While we'd like to say that bright and early this morning, the interns made their way to The Globe on a beautiful Boston morning, we'd be lying.

They made it to The Globe, but through rain, puddles and a little chill in the air. (Note to self: pack a jacket and an umbrella if you're making your way to Boston). After bagels and coffee, a tour of the non-populated newsroom on Columbus Day, the interns are busy at work on their projects.

We have split the interns into two teams to work on aspects of their projects this week. About three weeks ago, they each received the storyboard projects of the people in their groups. They were tasked with taking all those ideas, from five different people, and focusing on a few of them to put into practice here in Boston.

And as The Blog types this, there are conversations about what shape these projects are taking; new ideas are being formed and comprimises are being made; and they are still using the words like "newspaper," "newsstands," and "above the fold."

Intersesting, The Blog thinks this all is.

Stay tuned ...



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