Infographics quickcourse

For the hour I was in the Quick Course, John Grimwade of Conde Nast was speaking, and here are some of the things he said:

Sketches: It's not artwork, folks, it's part of the process; don't expect to frame it, and expect it to go through several revisions; sketches help you think, and they also help your editors -- John said editors hesitate to suggest changes if they think what you’re showing them is a final
accuracy is key: Keeping credibility with readers is a must, and "there's no substitute for doing research yourself"

Simplicity: Often the question should be what should I leave OUT of my graphic, not what else can I add? Along these lines, small graphics can have just as much power as large graphics; color, too, can clutter instead of help; John loves using red for emphasis or to direct people along a graphic.

Typography and design are important to a graphic, too: John works with designers from the beginning of the planning process all the way through to the end, almost always leaving the typography up to designers; he said: "All good graphics live within the environment of design" and designers and graphics artists shouldn’t work in separate departments

I’ll leave you with this question that created a discussion among attendees: Lego diagrams are simpler than some other graphics, like museum floor plans, for example. Why is that?

~ Beth Androuais

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