In the Pilot's seat

The Blog's good friend and neighbor Randy Greenwell recently announced he would be leaving his position as the San Francisco Chronicle's director of photography for a new job in Norfolk, Virginia. His new position as director of photography for the Virginian-Pilot begins next month. The Blog asked Chronicle photo editor and sportsshooter.com columnist Jim Merithew to sit down with Randy to find out what's in store for the Pilot.
When I was a student at Western Kentucky University everyone
aspired to work at the Virginian-Pilot. The Pilot has always been a huge
force in the photo industry and with visuals in general. It has always held
a special place in my mind as an ideal for visual journalists. I think the message is pretty clear from Denis Finley, Editor; Maria Carrillo, Managing Editor; and Deb Withey, Deputy Managing Editor for Presentation that they want someone to lead the charge toward multimedia and online interactive journalism. There is no doubt that they have a ton of talent there. The photographers are amazing. We are going to push toward being the best new media company in the United States. We are going to hit video hard and we are going to hit slideshows hard. We are going to try to be the best at that. I want them to be the best. I'm pretty excited. I think we are going to put the Virginian-Pilot on the map as one of the greatest multimedia companies.
Read Jim's entire interview with Randy and learn about Greenwell's favorite color, his aversion to cilantro and his favorite moments of working at the San Francisco Chronicle.

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