Good news: If all else fails, CS3 Photoshop tools are your friends.

Although Todd Stewart, from the Orlando Sentinel, had only used Adobe Photoshop CS3 for two weeks before conducting the tips and tricks workshop, he taught the class in a precise manner.

Know your tools: Summary of Todd’s points about Photoshop tools.

- You can maintain a ratio when cropping.
- Use Apple -, apple + (Zoom out, Zoom in).
- You can select certain areas of the photo and then sharpen and blur inside of these areas.
- Dodging makes it lighter. Burn makes it darker.
- Use the eyedropper tool to match the exact color of a part of your photograph.
- Use the space bar to drag around the photograph.
- To unlock a layer, double click on the layer, then rename it.
- One way to make an image duotone: Go to image, then mode, then duotone. Todd likes to make the duotone have a little more black in it. You can also add more color combinations to make the image more saturated. Then change the document to a cmyk image to prevent system problems. YAY duotone!
- Your second best friend is your history palate. (Who is your first best friend? SND!)
- Use true black or 100 percent black.
- Photoshop may instigate arguments with Photo Editors (yikes!).
- Do not be afraid to cutout images. You can erase the background (old school method) and use the lasso tool (good luck with this one). If you are a control freak, you will love the pen tool, and if you aren't, welcome to Anal Retentiveness 101!

Todd covered a myriad of Photoshop tools trying to cater to beginners and advanced Photoshop users. Thanks Todd!

-- Jessica Berry



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Todd Stewart works for the Orlando Sentinel.

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