UPDATE! Attendance list: SND-Boston... Where everybody knows your name

Matt Erickson, Mark Friesen + Rob Schneider
try to make a connection at SND-Boston.

Photo from Kenney Marlatt's flickr photostream.

You are many. And may we say... you look MAH-velous! The registration desk reports 765 designers, artists, multimedia specialists, students, educators and enthusiasts have descended on Boston to mingle, learn, Tweet and such. And now, The Blog is pleased to bring you yet another way to connect with new and old friends, hook up for a portfolio critique, schmooze for that big job interview -- you'll find everyone at SND-Boston on our handy attendee list.

And now, you can check out the attendance list as a Google spreadhseet here, (it's what all the kids are doing, it seems), with much thanks to Mr. Friesen.

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