Archie Tse and a little bit of genius

Archie Tse is a lot smarter than you.

(This shouldn't be taken as an insult. Archie's a lot smarter than most people. Even better, he doesn't rub it in.)

In an overflow session with the Globe's graphics guru Javier Zarracina, Tse took everyone inside the New York Times' election graphics from the past few years and in particular the amazing 2006 chart explaining a shift in congressional power (above).

If you haven't seen this thing, it's in the 28th edition book (getting a silver medal), here on the web in a slightly different version and hanging in my cubicle in Chicago.

It's just one of the smartest pieces of information design out there.

The key? Collaborate, prototype and collaborate some more.

Tse talked about the importance of running through data in different forms in order to make something airtight before it ever gets seen by the public. And such a complex piece rarely springs out of one person's head. It's the result of many people pulling something apart and putting it back together.

If you haven't seen it, go now. You can grab his handout here.

And if you have a chance to see Archie in the future, do it. You might ask him about what it takes to be a champion figure skater, too.

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