2007 SND president's awards

At the SND annual awards banquet in Boston, SND President Scott Goldman presented eight presidential awards. Here are the recipients and what he had to say about them:
"One of the nicest perks about being SND's President is that I get the opportunity to recognize some of the tremendous work that is done for the Society each year. And get comfortable ... I’ve got a few of them.

"The site chair for SND's 29th annual workshop set an ambitious agenda right from the start, and then delivered to the Society and its members a ground-breaking weekend devoted to innovation and convergence. He deftly handled a multitude of tasks and gave SND a workshop to remember." Ladies and gentlemen ... Dan Zedek, of The Boston Globe

"For service to the Society and its members, both as a regional director and for her tireless efforts in making SND Boston a success. Her creativity and energy have helped forge a fabulous workshop for Boston, and her ongoing efforts have helped forge a great future for SND." Ladies and gentlemen ... Kristin Lenz, The Boston Globe

"For his many years of service to the Society and its membership, most recently as the tireless editor of Design magazine. His efforts have elevated the magazine's impact, while all the while pushing SND to expand its areas of influence in the industry, in the face of overwhelming change." ... Jonathan Berlin, San Jose Mercury News

Douglas Okasaki, The Gulf News
"For his outstanding service to the Society and its members, especially the members in the Middle East, who have never seen a leader like Douglas. The creation of a Region 20 blog has sparked a huge increase in activity in that rapidly-growing area of the visual journalism world, and Douglas has led the way."

Ron Johnson, Kansas State University
"For his years of outstanding service to the Society and its members, in editing SND's premier publication, The Best of Newspaper Design annual. In 2007, Ron faced an unprecedented volume of awards and a stunning editing task, but he deftly handled the situation and produced another in a series of magnificent annuals for the Society."

Dean David Rubin, Syracuse University
"For his unwavering support of the Society for News Design's annual competition during his tenure as Dean of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse University. He will be missed, both by Syracuse and SND."

C. Marshall Matlock, Syracuse University
"For his 20 years of extraordinary service to the Society and its membership, guiding Syracuse University's role as host for the annual Best of Newspaper Design competition. His meticulous efforts have touched so many throughout the Society, and his impact on SND's growth over the past two decades cannot be overstated."

SND Update: The Blog -- Leadership Team
Matt Mansfield, San Jose Mercury News
Steve Dorsey, Detroit Free Press
Kenney Marlatt, The Indianapolis Star
"For their extraordinary efforts in 2007 to the Society and its members, in creating the first truly interactive website in the organization's history. Their creativity, organization and energy helped rapidly create the first SND blog, to instantly deliver news, opinions and training ideas to SND's members. Their devotion to multimedia and engaging members online has helped pave the way for a more interactive, web-based Society."
And then Scott gave one special president's award...
"And finally, if you'll indulge me... I have one more person to thank. She has been a volunteer for SND for more than 15 years now, volunteering her husband's time and energy while working tirelessly to help make things happen. She was a driving force behind the success that was the SNDC workshop in 2003, a driving force behind this year's successes, and she's always been -- and always will be -- a driving force for everything that I've accomplished in my life.

Please, one final round of applause for the First Lady of SND ... the love of my life, my wife, Debbie.

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