Two SND Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented Saturday night in Boston. Here's the transcript of the second one...

SCOTT GOLDMAN: "Now to present our second award recipient, two of his colleagues from Design Journal ... Steve Dorsey and Jonathon Berlin."

STEVE DORSEY, SND publications director and JONATHON BERLIN, Design Journal editor:

BERLIN: "Our next recipient has always shied away from the bright lights and bold headlines, but he's always been a vocal defender of the most fundamental elements of our craft: Typography."

DORSEY: "If you'll please indulge me... By show of hands please. How many of you have ever written anything for Design Journal, Update or SND.org? Please keep your hands up: Now, how many of you have written more than once?"

"With the latest issue of Design Journal, this person published his 50th column of Talking Type. Ladies and gentlemen, the second recipient of the Lifetime Acheivement Award tonight is ROLF REHE."

BERLIN: "He began his career as a typesetter back in the days of hot metal at a small paper in the south of Germany. He then moved to New York and learned about the American newspaper industry."

DORSEY: "Later, he studied psychology, graphic design and journalism at Indiana University. He was drawn to the theories of Sigmund Freud but quickly discovered a more interesting field: the perception of type."

BERLIN: "Rolf collected over 300 studies on this phenomenon and turned them into his first or two books. His books have been published in English, French, Spanish and German."

DORSEY: "Next Rolf turned to teaching. He became a professor at his alma mater, and taught for more than 10 years at Indiana University. You could say, he's been a teacher to many of us for decades."

BERLIN: "In 1979 Rolf was a founding member of SND. He attended the initial API meeting and later was one of the signers of the group's charter."

DORSEY: "After the university, Rolf turned to consulting. He traveled the world redesigning papers in more than 35 countries on six continents."

BERLIN: "In the 90s, Rolf moved back to the old world, to Vienna, Austria, where he still works today and helped found SND-DACH, the German-speaking affiliate of SND."

DORSEY: "Today Rolf takes it a little easier. Fewer clients get his attention, but he's still one of the industry's most passionate defenders of typography. I can't wait to see what he will bring us for his next column…"

BERLIN: "By the way, #51's due next week. Congratulations, Rolf!"

Two other presenters couldn't be with us in Boston Saturday night but wanted to wish Rolf the best. Here's Hans-Peter Janisch and Michael Stoll from SND-DACH:

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