Two SND Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented Saturday night in Boston. Here's the transcript of the first one...

Previous winners:

Mario Garcia Sr. (1993)
Edmund C. Arnold (1999)
Louis Silverstein (2001)
Richard A. Curtis (2003)
Robert Lockwood (2003)
Anton "Tony" Majeri Jr. (2004)
Nanette Bisher (2005)
George Rorick (2005)
C. Marshall Matlock (2006)

SCOTT GOLDMAN, SND President: "The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor the Society can bestow."

This year, we have two worthy recipients, professionals who have enriched our craft, served as mentors for a generation of visual journalists and defined the volunteerism that makes SND a living, breathing organization.

It is my sincere honor to help present these awards tonight, on behalf of the Society.

To present the first award, Matt Mansfield ...

MATT MANSFIELD, SND secretary/treasurer:
"Our first Lifetime Achievement recipient has served the Society as its president. And she ran the first SND workshop here in Boston in 1993, an event that, much like the one we all just attended, was truly transformational."

"She built her reputation by transforming our craft, providing inspiration for young people just entering the profession and setting a higher bar for everyone else. I recall being a young designer and looking longingly at the work coming from the Boston Globe when she was at the helm ... and I remember the leap she made to Newsweek emboldened all of us to dream higher and bigger.

"It's my particular honor tonight to present the Society's Lifetime Achievement Award to LYNN STALEY, my longtime personal hero and, as I learned, researching the award, a hero to many people."

"When I hosted the annual workshop in San Jose a few years ago, Nanette Bisher, Bill Gaspard, Michael Whitley and I were lucky enough to spend some time catching up on those early influential days at the Boston Globe as part of the influential moments piece, so let's revisit that moment now and hear from Lynn herself about her career ... "

Please join me in congratulating Lynn Staley.

"Unfortunately, Lynn cannot be here tonight, but we did reach her this morning and she's able to be with us by video ... Here's what she had to say upon learning she was one of this evening's recipients:

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