Not the Borat BEACON: First SND Quick Course held in Central Asia

Almaty, the old capitol, located in the south of the country.

Last week SND's first Quick Courses in Kazakhstan took place. They were organized as a hands-on workshop in cooperation with the Kazakhstan Newspaper Publishers Association. SND International Director Hans-Peter Janisch was our man on the ground in Kazakhstan. He lead the programs for both sites:

"The topic of both events was 'New design for a modern media' and the two day workshops covered everything thats important to design a paper in changing media environment. And this is of course the situation in the state of Kazakhstan. Newspapers, once state-owned, are in private ownership and face the competition from Internet, TV and other information sources that are omnipresent in Kazakhstan nowadays as in the rest of the world.

The first workshop took place in the mining city of Karaganda in central Kazakhstan, the second on was held in Almaty, the former capitol in the south of the country. Since both were hands-on wokshops the number of participants was limited to 15 and had been sold out long ahead.

(Left) Participants in Karaganda. (Right) Page critiques in Karaganda

There is a huge demand for information on how to change a newspapers look. Most papers struggle with outdated printing techniques and are printed in two colors or black and white. On the other hand, prepress technique is up to date. InDesign is the program of choice that can be found in most newsrooms of the country.

The topics of the workshops covered design basics, an overview of the worlds best design and most important a extensive page critique of the participants. On the second day the participants had the chance to work on their own papers design, based on the page critique that took place earlier. So everybody left with great ideas on how to improve the look of their papers.

Since both workshops have been such a great success, we will continue to work together with the Kazakhstan Newspaper Publishers Association and hold an 2-day workshop on Ad design, as well as Quick Course on Infographics in 2008.

-- Hans-Peter Janisch
SND International Relations Director

The training in Almaty

The participants from "Aigak", the only newspaper in the country that is printed in the old Kazakh language

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Anonymous Mark A. Dodge Medlin said...

Is there any way to see what some of the papers in Kazakhstan look like? I came up empty on News Page Designer, Newseum and Press Display.

And a Quick Course in Kazakhstan - way to go, SND!

Full disclosure - I haven't seen "Borat." I just think that's an interesting part of the world.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 9:08:00 PM  

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