Bye-bye, Bonds ...
Hello, Bay Area design

Friday was a crazy news day for The Blog's buddies in the Bay Area: The announcement that Barry Bonds will not return to play for the Giants next season had both the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News covering all the bases.

Bonds was such a big story that The Chronicle decided to print two front pages, one designed by Matt Petty and the other designed by Frank Mina. Both of the pages appeared all over the Bay Area this morning and the paper is running an online poll so readers can vote on a favorite (the multi-photo page by Petty is leading so far).

At the Merc, the work started fast with ace editor Donna Lovell getting a text alert out before all other media, then a team of sports editors, writers, columnists, photographers, designers and graphic artists hit the story hard online the rest of the day. And the sports cover, designed by Kevin Wendt, took a different approach, using Bonds' own statement on his site that started the day's frenzy.

The Blog will miss Barry Bonds. No matter what you think about the controversy surrounding the slugger, he's sure made for some amazing design moments through the years. Bye-bye, Barry!

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