Beirut on intelligence

Designer Michael Beirut pens an essay at Design Observer:
"Yet in all the years I was involved with the AIGA, I heard the members demand one thing over and over again, and from this I got a pretty clear idea of what designers want. And it wasn't to be better designers; interestingly, almost every designer I've ever met has been serenely confident in his or her ability to make things look good, thank you very much. No, what designers wanted then and want now, more than anything else, is respect. Respect from clients. Respect from the general public. Respect from -- let's go right to the cliche -- our moms. We want to be seen as more than mere stylists, we want to set the agenda, to be involved earlier in the strategic process, to be granted a place at the table. In short, just like the Chaste Clarissa, we want to be taken seriously."

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