Where in the world?

The Blog loves to travel. Infact, The Blog has fond memories of all the times bloggin' allowed The Blog to go different places. Spain. Syracuse. Orlando.

The world is a The Blog's fingertips.

Of course, The Blog wants the world to be at your fingertips, too. So, you know The Blog was thankful to see this nifty little online poll about where in the world you'd like to see an SND workshop. The poll was created by Douglas Okasaki, SND's Region 20 director (that's for Africa and the Middle East). Click on over and weigh in. The Blog and SND are always looking for ways to get feedback and input.

One more thing, The Blog would be remiss to not mention the next issue of SND Design Journal: The World Issue. This issue will feature stories of innovation from Kazakhstan, India, Austria, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Mexico, Canada and more. You'll be able to get the issue at SND's workshop in Boston or in the mail later if you're a member.


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