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Over at Subtration.com, NYT.com Design Director (and SND Boston speaker) Khoi Vinh continues to share insightful thoughts on the intersections of print and Web design:
Specifically, come to grips with the fact that, on the Web, design is not a method for implementing narrative, as it is in print, but rather it's a method for making behaviors possible.
There's plenty that's been said along this front already. The fact that I'm repeating that the Web is not like the printed page, that online information consumption is fundamentally different from print, is certainly adding nothing new to the conversation. The point I want to emphasize is not just that print designers need to be aware of this, but rather that they should approach it with genuine alacrity.

Don't miss the comments. Jonathan Hoefler chimes in:
Graphic design's traditional mix of illustrator-designers and typographer-designers -- as well as those who are at heart journalists, photographers, editors, scientists, programmers, directors, and choreographers -- has never been a problem, since each type of designer has traditionally found a niche. But there are no niches on the web. The websites of the luxury food brand and the daily newspaper need to have more in common than either of their designers.



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