SND.ies volunteers: Thank you!

Just had to write a post to thank all the students at UNC who helped make the SND.ies weekend run so smoothly. We couldn't have done it without you!

First, the blog team -- led by Phil Daquila -- did an amazing job. Others on the team included: Andrea Ballocchi, Nacho Corbella, Erin Debnam, Chris Higginbotham, Jessica Lin, Laura-Chase McGehee, Taryn Mahoney, Emily Merwin, Seth Moser-Katz, SND/UNC Chapter Co-President Nick Scott, Laura Walters and SND/UNC Chapter Co-President Ashley Zammitt. Well done!

There were those who helped organize the opening dinner and the box lunches (so we could keep the judges in the building and get them back to work quickly!): Laura-Chase McGehee, Nick Scott and Stacey Simone.

And those who helped with picking up or bringing judges to the airport: Andrea Ballocchi, Stefanie Barish, Phil Daquila, Erin Debnam (She had a 6 a.m. Sunday pickup!), Amy McCall, Nick Scott and Ashley Zammitt.

There was the crucial job of editing and compiling the comment files and printouts for the judges and putting together the name tags, folders, etc. for the judges. Thanks to: Wilson Andrews, Faith Chu, Erin Debnam, Connie Feng, Jessica Lin, Laura-Chase McGehee and Rebecca Rolfe. Your work was essential!

Finally, Ashley Zammitt did a very nice job putting together "Welcome to Chapel Hill" gift bags for our judges.

What a fine group, with a lot of fine talent. You'll be hearing from them again, I'm sure!

Laura Ruel
SND.ies competition coordinator
Assistant Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill


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