SND.IES: Non-breaking Sports draws discussion

The team of SND.ies judges convened after voting for the finalists for non-breaking sports. Each category begins with a "silent start," when the judges independently evaluate an entry and make a vote for a "stay" or a "go." The remaining projects become finalists, which are then posted on the lab whiteboard and actively discussed by the group. An additional round of voting by a raise of hands happens at this stage to render the final four categories: award of excellence, bronze, silver and gold. All four awards are optional and none may be named.

Valerie Aguirre, NewsObserver.com: "A strong theme is the visualization of statistical info. We are all asking how to get (these sports packages) to the audience. If you like football, you'll like a football multimedia story. But how to open it up to others? One of the stronger pieces, Stride by Stride, is about a sprinter, and while you may not be a fan of sprinting, it grabs you at the start with its integration of elements. It offers audio and video to start instead of, here's stats and here's data."

Phil Daquila
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Journalism and Mass Communication


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