SND.ies: Judging the Field

So far at SND.ies 2007, the judges are burying themselves in the details.

The buzzword among the project reviews so far is UI, or user interface. Watching over the shoulder of a judge you see (and hear) a festival of clicking in a search for every iota of interactivity. Their discussion of projects sometimes includes the discovery of new levels of interactivity for some of them.

"Was there something I missed on that one?" Jim Webb of National Geographic wondered while discussing a project. "It just seemed to me like a series of rendered images."

Timing, color schemes, font sizes--all different commentaries brought up in an effort to separate one project from another.

"I think it's perfect for an 18-year-old with 20/20 vision," thought Soundslides' Joe Weiss. "But I'm not an 18-year-old with 20/20 vision. Then again, I'm also not the target audience."

As good as the discussion is, these folks have 60-plus projects still to review and only half a day left, so it's time for more clicking.

Chris Higginbotham
University of North Carolina
School of Journalism and Mass Communication


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