SND.ies: The gold standard

SND.ies judges meet as a group to hash out whether their finalists can be further narrowed down. In this phase there can be a dilemma among the judges whether to honor entries for covering extraordinary stories or for initiating innovative multimedia techniques. Some judges are passionate about the content of certain entries, but aren’t wowed by the graphics and design. Others are blown away by the level of creativity and uniqueness, but the narrative qualities may be lacking something special.

The criteria judges go by to potentially further distinguish the finalists:
Gold The highest award, the BEST work you've seen anywhere.
Silver Excellent work, worthy of "second place."
Bronze "Third place."
Award of Excellence Entry deserves to be recognized as more than a finalist in the category.

Jen Friedberg of the Star-Telegram brought up an interesting topic: What elevates an entry from silver to gold? Does it have to be “super innovative?” The Institute for New Media Studies' Nora Paul commented that for her the entry must be flawless. Several judges simultaneously began to throw out their individual qualifications for an entry to meet the gold standard. Competition coordinator Laura Ruel noted that in past years judges have not always awarded entries with gold. She explained that the judges simply decided the packages were not worthy of gold.

Will the judges be able to narrow down all of these shining entries to one gold? Will they award a gold at all? Be sure to attend SND Boston to find out!

Laura-Chase McGehee
UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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