SND leaders gather in Indy

Photo: Indianapolis Star archives
The Society's leadership team is meeting in Indianapolis this weekend in advance of this fall's big workshop in Boston. The team retreat, which started today, will help build an ambitious action plan for 2008 that the full board will then consider.

SND President Scott Goldman of the Indy Star invited the team to town to talk over several issues regarding education and training, as well as how the Society can get more input from members on what programs are likely to be most valuable as design jobs change in an increasingly digital landscape.

SND Foundation President Bill Gaspard of the Las Vegas Sun also wanted to get input on crafting ideas for building better relationships with colleges and universities, as well as how the Society can help further visual journalism diversity at UNITY: Journalists of Color, which meets in Chicago next summer.

The get-together concludes on Saturday evening, with Goldman planning to write a quick report for members in advance of the Boston workshop in October (be sure to register for that great training and networking event if you have not already).

Many thanks to the Star, which has given the group meeting space and donated meals, as well as the invited team, all of whom came to the great state of Indiana at their own expense to help SND plan for the future.

If you have ideas about what SND can do to better serve you, drop a comment on this posting. We'd like to hear your thoughts.

Stay tuned for more info about what SND has in store for 2008!

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