Q+A: Richard johnson, war illustrator

The National Post's Richard Johnson sketching in Afghanistan

Charles Apple serves up a treat this morning -- an in-depth Q-A with National Post war illustrator Richard Johnson. As reported earlier, Richard is home safely from his second tour in the Middle East and Charles gets him to dish on all kinds of details of his trip, from logistics, to reactions to inspirations... and tools:

Q. What tools did you use? How did you keep your pencils sharpened?

A. I use only one type of pencil and keep a whole bunch in my pocket at all times. They are a Prismacolor pencil. I sharpen them with a Leatherman I keep on my belt. They work very well in all kinds of conditions and are fairly impervious to over-rub smudging and sweat blotting. This also means that I cannot erase anything.

I used a digital camera to photograph the sketches each evening, and emailed them back to the National Post using a small satellite phone.

Read the full interview -- and see lots of cool behind-the-scenes photos and Richard's favorite sketches from the trip -- at VisualEditors.com.

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