SND.IES: Judges struggle to narrow down finalists

The voting for Non-Breaking News has commenced, yielding 22 finalists. According to the SND.ies Judging Day Procedures manual, "if there are more than 10 'STAYS' in a category once all the entries have been judged, (the judges) may be asked to vote again until (they) have brought the number down."

On a side note: well done to all designers! You have put our judges into a very difficult situation of having to narrow down their 22 favorite entries to a mere 10 to be judged in the final.

Once the official top 10 entries have been selected our judges will have a group discussion about each individual piece. We expect their critiques to be thoughtful and passionate. A lot of care goes into selecting the winner.

Laura-Chase McGehee
UNC Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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