Graphics-bashing in the
age of space reductions

Romenesko points us to the latest in an Old Guard reaction to visual journalism in the age of space reductions:

Retired editor complains (again) about NYT's large graphics Nieman Watchdog Gilbert Cranberg wasn't happy to see a "massive" graphic on New York Times' op-ed page on the same day it cut back on the number of letters from readers. The former Des Moines Register and Tribune editorial page editor is ready to be criticized (again) by the graphics community. Earlier: "All the News That's Fit to Print" -- graphics permitting.

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UPDATE: Reactions from all over
Well, you just KNEW this was going to happen, right?

-- PDN-Pulse: Editor responds to anti-graphics rant with a big ole 3-D graphic (above). Daryl Lang even takes it a step further and compares Gilbert Cranberg to grumpy Onion publisher emeritus T. Herman Zweibel. Nice.

-- VisualEditors.com: In a forum titled "grumpy old man part deux," designers and artists around the country respond.
Ernie Smith: "Gil, please. Your wrinkles are showing."

-- Poynter.org: Chris Clonts posts letter to Romenesko: Cranberg wants desperately to impose the 19th Century ideals he learned on the 21st Century media.

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