SND.IES: Breaking news judging complete

The nine SND.ies judges have cast their votes in Category 1 Breaking Presentations, 1A News, and the work of the New York Times continues to impress. They held all six entries in the first of three rounds in the category and eight of 18 overall. And though El Mundo, with five entries of their own, did not advance, they too were recognized in comments from the judges.

Scott LaPierre, Boston Globe: "I was having a hard time finding entries from the New York Times to eliminate. All the NYTimes pieces are good enough to keep."

Dave Evans, USAToday.com: "I am always impressed with what the New York Times does. It was hard to whittle away their projects in this round. Also to see some of the eye-opening designs from other sites such as El Mundo doing breaking news about U.S. events was a nice surprise."

Joe Weiss, Soundslides: "This category shows how far we've come. They are so explanatory. One of the most fascinating aspects of this year's breaking news pieces is that we are seeing a reliance on conventions. I am noticing influences from past El Mundo projects, for example, and I think this shows we are getting closer to a coming of age in multimedia design."

To review all the entries in this or other categories, jump here.

Your five finalists in Breaking News:
NYTimes.com: Plane Crash in New York City (requires registration)
NYTimes.com: Shooting in Queens (requires registration)
NYTimes.com: Virginia Tech Victims (requires registration)
NYTimes.com: Events Leading to the Accident (requires registration)
MSNBC.com: What We Know: The latest details on the Virginia Tech massacre investigation

Phil Daquila
UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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