All the news that (barely) fits

The New York Times hit The Blog's front porch this morning with less of a thud than normal. And it wasn't the carrier being delicate or more careful than usual not to wake me. There was just less of it there to "thud" with.

Today was the debut of The Times' newly reduced 12" width national edition. It's as deep as it was yesterday, weighing in at a long 22 inches. And it was a routinely solid read. You can tell as you page through that a lot of thorough attention has been paid to all the small details that make The Times, well, The Times. Go figure, right?

It still feels like The Times has always felt, but it's definitely a slimmed-down version. For example, the weather map has been carefully dieted and even enhanced to fit it's new space better. Standing charts and lists in the business pages have been nicely tucked in too. Much of the furniture has been ever-so-slightly reduced -- but with such a deft touch as to make you wonder if you're imagining it. The nerd in us makes The Blog eager to see the stock tables tomorrow, but you know they'll be solid.

Ultimately, within a few weeks I doubt we'll even remember the older, fatter Gray Lady. So, welcome the skinnier, sexier new Times to the world!

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