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The much-ballyhooed iPhone has been on the streets for nearly a week, and a ton of sites are scrambling to redesign specifically for Apple's mobile device (e.g. TaDa List, OneTrip, Zoho, GasApp).

Noticeably absent from this redesign craze are news organizations. We're not aware of any mobile news sites built specifically for the iPhone.

However, there are some interesting independent attempts at merging the iPhone and the news: NYTimesRiver.com compiles RSS feeds from major news organizations; iActu (pictured) is a virtual newsstand that links to individual stories. And, Tap2It has compiled a list of mobile-friendly news sites -- though most were designed for any mobile device, not with the iPhone's unique user interface in mind.

Any other great examples we missed?

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Blogger Dorsey said...

Insightful post. Thanks, Tyson. And scary? Sad? Predictable? You can almost hear the collective disregard coming from boardrooms and executive offices across the land:
"It's a fad."
"Yeah, it'll pass."
"It's ONLY 600,000 people in the first weekend..."
"Why skate to where the puck WILL be..."

Hell, the worst part is I just hope they were dismissing it. I wonder if that's giving too much credit, and they're still not sure whether it's significant.


Thanks, Tyson.

Thursday, July 05, 2007 5:29:00 PM  

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