Seminar in Bogota: Redesigning National Geographic

First The Blog offers its most sincere apologies for the tardiness of this post. The Blog knows that one of the key things to this here Internet is timeliness. One other thing this series of tubes has going for it is breadth. That is, The Blog can bring you the world and you don't have to leave your iPhone. If you're near a WiFi network that is. Will The Blog get an iPhone? One can only guess and stare off into the heavens in wonderment. The Blog will only say, stay tuned.

Back to business. Today, The Blog brings you a dispatch from the streets of Bogota, Colombia. And no, it's not the new trailer from Medellin.

What it is is a three-day workshop with lectures and hands-on exercises: One assignment The Blog found most interesting: redesign National Geographic with the photo, design and graphics experts present. Some of the examples are shown above.

Luiz Adolfo, art director of Brazil's Zero Hora, and SND region 12 director, organized the workshop, called V Taller, in early June. Again, The Blog says lo siento. The weekend saw a spirited group of about 60 journalists from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and Argentina attend.

The speakers:
  • Inaki Palacios, from Cases i Associates
  • Vlado Florez, journalist-designer-publisher from Un Pasquin, a weekly political newspaper from Colombia
  • Pablo Corral, National Geographic photographer
  • Xavier Diaz de Cerio, infographist from Fabrica de Ideas in Peru
  • Luiz Adolfo Lino de Souza, of Zero Hora
The workshop was a team effort between SND and the Universidad Javeriana. The Blogs thanks the University's Diego Bermudez from and SND's Jeff Goertzen. Por mas en espanol, leer esto.


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