Poynter Summer Fellows post
first week of annual project

It's become a much-anticipated annual rite for hiring editors and recruiters across the land -- much like the running of the bulls in Pamplona is for bull fighters and EMTs, or the San Antonio Spurs' vanquishing of (insert some other team here) is for Tony Parker and Eva Longoria.

"Refresh" buttons on editors' and recruiters' Web browsers across the U.S. at risk of being worn out can now finally rest easy. The waiting is over! Let the recruiting begin!

The Poynter Institute's Summer Fellowship for Young Journalists began just two weeks ago and today posted the first installment of its annual summer beat coverage of St. Petersburg, Fla. Aside from polished narrative stories that look cleverly off the expected path, this year's class has dived into the deep end of the multimedia pool, impressively (and fearlessly) producing professional quality deadline audio, photo slideshows, videos and much more. Insiders say that interactive graphics and even more aggressive video projects are already underway for future issues of Points South.

It's sort of like a journalistic version of Real World:
They arrived on June 3. They came from as far away as the Pacfic Northwest and as close as the other side of Tampa Bay. There are 32 of them; 16 writers, 8 photographers and 8 designers.

They're all journalists. Young ones. Most of them are fresh out of college.

For the next six weeks, they will undergo a program at The Poynter Institute that some past participants have likened to boot camp. In addition to taking classes, they will break into eight teams, fan out across St. Petersburg and start reporting. Beginning the week of June 10, they will start publishing their stories.


(And remember, come mid-July, most of these talented young journalists will be looking for work.)

Check out the projects here -- and remember to bookmark it so you don't miss updates throughout the summer!

Learn more about the program and meet this year's class of Fellows here.

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